Are you Ready...?

Whether you're a pro or amateur combat athlete or a serious fitness enthusiast, it would be impossible not to leave in the shape of your life. When it's cold in the UK escape to the sunshine of beautiful Valencia, Spain

This camp is different from others in that every session is coached by elite coaches and you get to train alongside pro boxing champion Joel McIntyre.


Strength & Conditioning
  •     Sessions taken by combat specialist Strength & Conditioning Coach, Daniel Iaciofano
  •     Strength and power sessions to increase punching power
  •     Hill Sprints and mountain runs to build unstoppable stamina
  •     Periodised training to optimise training time over the week
  •     Mobility, swim and restoration sessions to increase recovery
  •     Gym set up including power cage, dumbells up to 40kg, prowlers, gymnastic rings


  •     All sessions taken by elite boxing coaches
  •     Includes sparring, technical and pad sessions
  •     Train alongside/with Joel McIntyre
  •     18ft Outdoor Boxing Ring
  •     5x Bags

The Villa

  •     Set in the beautiful national park known as 'Porta Coeli' (translates to Heavens Gate)
  •     White Villa sleeps 3 in private rooms
  •     Yellow Villa sleeps 6 sharing
  •     Includes boxing gym, strength gym and pool
  •     Set in Valencia, Spain
  •     Transfers included
  •     4x4 hire available at extra cost


  •     Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided
  •     Take the stress out of meal prep!
  •     Tailored nutrition plan to optimise performance and lose bodyfat
  •     Organic food grown on the land includes oranges, apples, carob, olives, almonds, tomatoes. Fresh eggs laid daily.
  •     Rest of food sourced locally from local farmers.

The Camp

This isn't your average fitness bootcamp, I am personally planning and taking all the strength and conditioning sessions. Each session will be periodised and coached to the highest standard. 

  • 2-3 training sessions per day including strength and power gym sessions, mountain biking and swimming to increase aerobic capacity, sprint, sled and strongman conditioning sessions to build unstoppable stamina
  • Technical boxing sessions with a professional boxing coach (more info coming soon)
  • Grappling sessions (more info coming soon)
  • Mobility and restoration sessions to improve recovery
  • Nutrition workshop to improve performance and reduce bodyfat
  • Get leaner, stronger and fitter

Who's it for?

Athletes from all sports would benefit but combat athletes would benefit the most whether amateur or pro.

How much is it and When is it?

Prices start from £800 including accommodation (flights not included), if you are interested please register your interest by emailing me at The first camp will be around the start of August 2017 for 7 days.