James Leoni-Peters - Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Sports Nutritionist

Animal Flow Coach

ABA Boxing Tutor

James Leoni-Peters a 47 year old father of four avoided physical activity like the plague as a child and only found his passion for optimum health and fitness when he decided to embark on his own health journey at age 36, when he realised his body was starting to slow down and sieze up.

With a passion for speed and a love of anything to do with cars and motorcycles Jim was talked into buying an old Motocross bike by a friend and gradually progressed from riding patches of wasteland to entering his first race. it was a rude awekening and he soon realised he wasn't a)as skilled as he thought he was and b) definitley nowhere near fit enough to maintain the pace needed to last a race!

Around the same time he was walking through his local town centre and spotted a new gym that had a lot of boxing equipment and ran Boxersize classes. Eager to learn more and having always had an interest in Boxing as a kid he decided to go and find out more. Thats when he first met Rob & Jules Back of "Back to Fitness" and hence began his fitness journey.

After initially attending Circuit Training/Boxersize Classes once a week, this gradually led to training more nights and eventually joining the Boxing Squad for extra training and skill work. The boxing training continued to progress and ultimately led to competing in White Collar Boxing bouts.

Alongside the training and new found passion for fitness, Jim started to make gradual changes to his predominantely Junk Food Diet and noticed very quickly the direct impact it began to have on his overall health and fitness. As part of the traditional boxing training he began to do roadwork and developed a passion for running which led him to the challenge of running the 10 mile Great South Run with the added difficulty of no shoes! as well as competing in trail marathons and obstacle races.

Having progressed from an overweight, lazy couch potato to competing in various extreme sports and realising his greatest success was coming through the application of nutrition and lifestyle changes inspired him to help others achieve their health and fitness potential.

and so the "Fuel and Burn" Brand was born...